Sprint’s “Simply Everything Plan”, when navigation is free

Sprint’s “Simply Everything Plan”, when navigation is free
U.S. wireless operator Sprint today announced that it will launch new marketing initiatives to support its Simply Everything unlimited pricing plan, which debuted two weeks ago and includes free off-board navigation for $100 per month. Today Sprint is introducing a new U.S. commercial featuring Sprint CEO Dan Hesse discussing the plan’s benefits (see video below).

This new Sprint plan features unlimited Domestic Voice, unlimited Messaging (domestic text, picture and video) and unlimited Mobile Internet. This includes the GPS navigation application powered by Telenav. There are also two others plans offering free GPS navigation: Simply Everything 900 (900 minutes) at $89.99 or Simply Everything 450 (450 minutes) at $69.99.

These types of plan and their marketing push are likely to encourage a strong growth in cell phone navigation adoption and help the struggling U.S. wireless operator - that lost 683,000 monthly subscribers during last quarter.


Monday, March 17th 2008

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