Spotigo partners with location platform supplier Genasys

Spotigo partners with location platform supplier Genasys
The Spanish provider of location platforms and LBS services, Genasys, and the German WiFi positioning software and service provider, Spotigo, have announced their partnership to create common offer for the LBS market that combines the expertise of both companies.

Genasys offers positioning platform solutions to mobile operator worldwide. Its first platform was installed for a mobile operator in 2001 and today the company serves over 70 million mobile subscribers across three continents. “The integration of our location platform with the WiFi Positioning solution of Spotigo will allow Genasys to offer increased location precision in urban areas and a more flexible and competitive overall LBS solution to the market,” said Alberto Nicoletti, vice president sales and marketing at Genasys. Spotigo’s Wi-Fi positioning service is now available in more than 25 large cities across Europe and the United States (read more here).

This agreement in interesting because it is the first time a location platform supplier to wireless operators is partnering with a Wi-Fi positioning provider. So far Wi-Fi positioning has rather been seen as an “off-network” system (favored by Google, Yahoo! and Apple) competing with “operator-controlled” location technologies such as A-GPS.

Genasys, and probably others in the future, could help operator understand that - whatever they have invested to deploy their A-GPS system - their customers will require indoor positioning and Wi-Fi-based location is today the only answer to that challenge.

Monday, April 20th 2009

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