Skyhook integrates Ads into Wi-Fi positioning SDK

Skyhook integrates Ads into Wi-Fi positioning SDK
Skyhook Wireless, a major provider of Wi-Fi positioning technology, has released an upgrade to its Software Development Kit (SDK) that includes location-targeted advertising and helps simplify its integration into mobile applications.

Location-based advertising

To help developers monetize their applications, Skyhook has integrated the location-based advertising platform from Quattro Wireless into the upgraded Skyhook SDK. “When developers implement WPS location, they can immediately start generating revenue via location-based ads embedded in their mobile applications” said Skyhook.

“Skyhook and Quattro Wireless are pioneering the challenge of connecting with users and providing them with highly targeted ads based on their location, delivering mobile advertising in a powerful new way,” said Andy Miller, CEO of Quattro Wireless. “In addition, Quattro Wireless’ platform will enable publishers to optimize campaigns in real-time through the use of Quattro Wireless’ reporting and management tools.”

Spotigo, another developer of Wi-Fi positioning technology announced last month the same time of partnership with Smaato, another provider of mobile advertising.

Simplifying Wi-Fi positioning integration in mobile apps
“Virtual GPS”, a new feature of the Skyhook SDK, simplifies the implementation of WPS into applications already supporting GPS. Developers of GPS-enabled applications can now simply plug into the WPS engine using the NMEA standard interface with no additional code changes.

The upgraded Skyhook SDK allows for WPS customization based on the specific needs of various LBS applications that access location technology in different ways. Developers can choose the Push-to-Fix deployment mode for on demand location, or Continuous Scanning mode for applications that require constant location awareness. Developers can now also choose a “WPS Tiling mode” that provides autonomous WPS location for a determined area. In this mode the software will download all the access point data for the area and store it locally on the device, thus eliminating a constant connection to Skyhook’s servers.

The Skyhook SDK now supports Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Mobile 5 and 6, Mac OS X, Symbian S60, and various Linux platforms including Maemo. WPS coverage currently includes over 40 million access points across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Thursday, May 1st 2008

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