Sigmatel announces processor solution dedicated to PNDs

Click to enlarge (Source: Sigmatel)
Click to enlarge (Source: Sigmatel)
SigmaTel, Inc., a fabless semiconductor company specializing in consumer electronics solutions, today has announced a complete processor solution for the portable navigation GPS market, enabling lower system costs for portable navigation devices (PNDs). “The SigmaTel STMP3738 semiconductor solution is a highly-integrated SoC which eliminates up to 12 previously-discrete ICs typically found in PND devices”, said the company. The analog audio codec and the power management functions have been integrated on the chipset, saving space and cost.

Glen Burchers, director of marketing for SigmaTel, stated: “With the STMP3738, PND BOM cost is reduced by 15% and board space by 30%, without sacrificing performance. Furthermore, the STMP3738 is based on the flagship 3700 processor family of which SigmaTel has already shipped millions.”

The STMP3738 supports well known GPS solutions including: Broadcom, SiRF and NXP/ST Micro (Glonav). The price of this solution is $4.50 for 10,000 units, high volume production being available immediately.

Tuesday, April 22nd 2008

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