STMicro ships new System-on-Chip GPS

STMicro ships new System-on-Chip GPS
STMicroelectronics yesterday introduced Cartesio+, a new application processor with embedded GPS for in-car and portable navigation systems.

"Capitalizing on the success of the first-generation Cartesio application processor, which made ST into one of the leading suppliers for GPS- enabled System-on-Chip ICs, the next-generation Cartesio+ offers high integration and high-performance features, while meeting the constraints of cost-sensitive applications," said Domenico Rossi, General Manager of ST's Car Radio and Multimedia Division. "It is a cutting-edge System-on-Chip device that offers high-sensitivity embedded positioning capabilities and meets the power requirements of portable applications, while satisfying the most stringent automotive quality constraints."

The Cartesio+ System-on-Chip is manufactured in 55nm technology and integrates a ARM1176 processor with a GPS/Galileo positioning subsystem, a 3D graphics engine (optimized for 3D map content rendering), and a set of connectivity peripherals, including multiple SD/MMC, CAN and USB with integrated physical layers. Cartesio+ also integrates a video input port for connecting auxiliary devices, such as a rear-view camera, and a hardware JPEG decoder for fast picture browsing without taxing the chip's main processing resources.

ST offers a complete cost-optimized kit for portable navigation devices (PNDs), built around Cartesio+, which couples the application processor with ST's STA5630 advanced GPS RF chip with integrated Low-Noise Amplifier, and three other key components from the Company's rich portfolio: the STW4210 power management chip, an audio processing amplifier/LED display driver, and the STA2500D Bluetooth controller.

Cartesio+ is available with two different feature sets: the STA2064 and STA2065, which have been optimized for both BOM-sensitive (PND) and performance-demanding (in-dash) applications.

The volume production of this chipset is scheduled for December 2009 while samples are already available to lead customers of STMicro.

Tuesday, July 28th 2009

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