RMI to provide processor for low cost, rich media PNDs

RMI to provide processor for low cost, rich media PNDs
RMI Corporation, a provider of processors for communication and media, has launched a product solution for so-called “Media Personal Navigation Devices” (mPND) driving lower cost GPS implementations.This solution is intended to compete with chipsets solutions such as SiRFPrima which integrates both GPS and a multimedia processor.

The mPND reference design implements low cost alternatives to replace GPS modules. The Au1250 SoC processor provides ample processing headroom to perform the complex baseband function in software, removing the need for external baseband hardware.

To enable this strategy, RMI works with a variety of GPS suppliers to offer a spectrum of cost-optimized choices for the mPND designer. For software GPS (where the baseband function is implemented in software), RMI works with CSR. For Host-based GPS (where some of the GPS calculations are performed by the host processor) RMI collaborate with companies such as Nemerix and Atheros. For hardware GPS RMI partners with SiGe.

“Our mPND initiative will deliver rich media capabilities, Mobile TV, and lower cost GPS to create a new category of PND products in the marketplace,” said Behrooz Abdi, CEO at RMI. “By offering a complete application solution, we enable our mPND customers to decrease their time to market and still have significant opportunity to create a differentiated product. Finally, our partnerships with leading GPS solutions providers like CSR and SiGe have allowed us to significantly lower the cost of these devices which is an important factor to the end consumer.”

A complete package
Powered by the RMI Alchemy Au1200 Processor Family, capable of running at speeds up to 700MHz, this mPND reference design consists of a reference design board, software board support package (BSP), hardware schematics, documentation, as well as navigation and Mobile TV applications. The solution supports WinCE 5.0 BSP and the Media Software Development Kit (SDK) from RMI. The Navigation application includes Maps, Mobile TV and Software GPS. Other Upgrade Options include Hosted GPS implementation and other Mobile TV Standards (DMB-TH, DVB-T, ISDB-T, T-DMB)

Monday, September 15th 2008

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