Q&A with Locomizer: Biology-Inspired Technology for Location Analytics

Mobile User Profiling - click to enlarge
Mobile User Profiling - click to enlarge
Customers will pay to get a detailed, rich, contextual knowledge about any given place by hour, day, week or month. Our prospect customers are worldwide companies that gather and use personal location data for marketing purpose either directly or through third-party data providers. Some examples include consumer Internet companies, consumer brands, mobile telecoms operators, credit card and insurance companies, ad networks, big box retailers, and mobile app developers.

GPS BN: How big is your start-up and what type of funding have you received so far?
AP: We're two co-founders at locomizer. Our team's key strength are: 1) a perfect mix of business, technology and academic backgrounds; 2) a strong domain expertise in the algorithms; and 3) a deep scientific expertise in the subject of our work. 

In total we have four people working on the product development. We have raised £150,000 in seed funding from a group of private and corporate investors, including Unilever via our accelerator The Collider12.

GPS BN: Alexei, thank you for your time.
AP: My pleasure.

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Thursday, September 19th 2013

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