Promotional AR Game Launched in Amsterdam

Promotional AR Game Launched in Amsterdam
This week in the Amsterdam Red Light district a new kind of location-based game is being played. Commissioned by Ubisoft for the launch of their sixth Splinter Cell video gaming opus on April 15, brand marketing agency Blutarsky and mobile development boutique Muzar have developed an augmented reality game based on the Layar augmented reality platform.

Game play
The player is a Third Echelon agent sent by headquarters to Amsterdam for the death of a Third Echelon agents to investigate. The game starts in scanning a QR code on a wall with either an iPhone or Android device; then it develops into six missions at different places in the city where the player is provided with instructions and sees a different reality via its smartphone interface.

This marketing game shows an interesting new face of location-based games in adding augmented reality to the game play.

Promotional AR Game Launched in Amsterdam
Watch the video below:

Wednesday, April 14th 2010

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