Poll: growing interest for GPS navigation in Italy

Poll: growing interest for GPS navigation in Italy
A recent poll by Telesurvey - commissioned by Telemobility Forum, an event that took place in Monza, Italy on November 14 and 15 - gives a snapshot of Italian consumer’s perception about GPS navigation. 29% of the Italians knows about GPS navigation, 30% have heard about it and 39% never heard about it. It appears that 18% of Italian adults own a GPS navigation product (PND, in dash, handset or PDA solutions), which makes about 6.6 million users. These results are completely identical to the Gallup survey commissioned last May by the European Union (read our article here).

Among Italian GPS customers 66% have a dedicated portable product, 27% an in-dash solution and 7% another type of device that features GPS navigation. A huge majority of users (96%) use it in their car (2% on a bike; 7% for hiking purpose by foot or bicycle). Consumers using it frequently are 27%; 50% use it from time to time and 21%rarely. The level of satisfaction among users is rather important: 98% find it very useful or quite useful.

Consumer product and rising interest

GPS navigation has become a consumer product in Italy: for 58% of the population GPS navigation is a product for everybody. 40% find it useful and not particularly trendy, 27% think it is both useful and trendy and 17% useless but trendy.

Among the population sample 5% want to buy a navigation device soon and 41% want to do it in the future but without knowing when. Nowadays 53% does not intend to buy GPS navigation, this is a good progress with respect to the previously mentioned Gallup poll which indicated in May that 68% were not planning to have one.

Interest in additional features
Regarding the user’s interest for additional features, the most relevant are real time traffic information (87%), speed limit information (87%), global view of the journey (84%), speedcam information (83%), weather (82%), information about restricted use of street lanes for taxis and bus (81%), hands-free kit (80%), large screen (73%).

The Telesurvey poll was conducted on October 2007 with 401 phone interviews from a representative sample of the Italian population (18-64 years old). The Gallup poll was conducted in May 2007 with 1012 interviews and its sample was representative of the population aged 15 years and above.

Monday, November 26th 2007

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