Podcast with WHERE: “We are Serving 2 Billion Location-Based Ads per Month”

Dan Gilmartin
Dan Gilmartin
In this podcast GPS Business News Interviewed with Dan Gilmartin, vice president of marketing at WHERE Inc.

The Boston-based company made a name for itself as an early player in the local search business in the United States. In 2010, frustrated by the lack of relevant ads on its consumer properties the company launched its own location-based advertising network which has grown at a tremendous rate to reach 2 Billion ads per month served to 50 millions consumers.

"We are not a small player in this arena," told Gilmartin to GPS Business News.

Listen to the podcast below:
dangilmartinwhere_feb2011final.mp3 DanGilmartinWHERE_Feb2011FINAL.mp3  (9.57 MB)

Thursday, February 3rd 2011

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