Palm Pre selling like hot cakes, TeleNav smiles

Palm Pre selling like hot cakes, TeleNav smiles
Launched last week-end in the United States in exclusivity on the Sprint network, sales of the new Palm Pre seems to have started successfully. Wireless analysts have mentioned 50,000 to 100,000 units sold within the first week-end.

This is not only good news for a struggling Palm, but also for TeleNav. Indeed, the Californian company is the provider of Sprint Navigation, the turn by turn navigation solution which is not only pre-installed but also bundled for free with all Sprint plans offered for the Pre.

HP Jin, CEO at TeleNav, stated in an email to GPS Business News: “The Sprint Simply Everything plan is an amazing value for customers because it includes unlimited access to so much data. With GPS navigation included, the Pre is essentially a GPS device and an elegant Smartphone all-in-one. We have enjoyed working with Sprint and Palm to bring this great GPS navigation application to so many customers.”

If the Pre is to become an iconic phone such as the iPhone, it might turn into a very good business for TeleNav, which - unlike the App Store where tens of turn-by-turn navigation applications will appear next week – has a de facto monopoly for navigation on this phone in the United States. According to market research firm iSuppli, Palm Pre shipments could amount to 1.1 million units in 2009, most of it - if not all - in the United States.

Friday, June 12th 2009

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