Orange France launches assisted GPS

Orange France launches assisted GPS
Wireless operator Orange France has launched its Assisted GPS technology with a first handset, SPV M650, an Orange branded Windows mobile device built by HTC. Assisted GPS helps the device to connect faster with the GPS satellites by providing an approximate location calculated through the wireless network. This quick connection provides an excellent experience for the user, much better than what is available for example on Personal Navigation Devices, even with the latest chipsets.

In addition to this device Orange France offers two other smartphones integrating a GPS: SPV M700 and Blackberry 8800, but not yet with assisted GPS at this stage.

Orange also launched at the same time a new version of its off-board navigation software, Orange Navigation, powered by Webraska software and Navteq maps. This version offers 3D navigation, traffic information, maps for 20 countries and a speed camera database. It is available on various operating systems: Windows Mobile, Nokia serie 60, Sony Ericsson Symbian UIQ and selected Blackberry devices.

The pricing is very flexible: from 1.5 Euros for 1 destination, to 10 Euros per month (price does not include wireless connection through GPRS).

The solution also features a very convenient button giving access to a phone directory assistance directly from the navigation interface. Once the operator has found the address you are looking for it is sent by SMS to the handset and immediately usable as a destination.
Orange Navigation also features the locally famous “guide Champerard”, a gastronomic restaurant guide. The search in the guide is free, but the rating and details about restaurants are priced at 0.3 Euros per restaurant, or 1 Euros per month.

Orange also sells a SIRFIII Bluetooth GPS receiver (99 Euros) for use with handsets that does not offer integrated GPS.

Wednesday, March 14th 2007

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