Nissan brings users generated content to car navigation

Nissan brings users generated content to car navigation
On Friday Nissan announced two enhancement of its CARWINGS Japanese in-dash navigation system: Yahoo! "Wai Wai Map" and CARWINGS Builder, to provide additional user generated content as points of interest to drivers.

Yahoo! "Wai Wai Map" is a community-type service that enables users to create original maps as well as to share and exchange map information with other users; it was launched in beta version in March 2007. It will be available via the CARWINGS Information Channel for access to web-content and audio broadcast of local spots and events listings. “Comprehensive spot listings of restaurants and popular sightseeing locations posted by "Wai Wai Map" members will be accessible on-board via CARWINGS” said Nissan.

This partnership is a development of the relationship existing between both companies. Yahoo! Gourmet – providing user-generated restaurant ranking – has been available to the CARWINGS navigation system since last March (read here).

The CARWINGS Builder is a Nissan proprietary system that allows people to register and broadcast information to the CARWINGS-members network. “Through CARWINGS Builder, individuals, groups, commercial establishments and local authorities can post information on the CARWINGS navigation maps, in either data-format or audio-formated recordings via the CARWINGS Information Channel” said Nissan.

Beginning at the end of the year, users of W-SIM, an after-market multi-functional communication module, will be able to enjoy the CARWINGS services at a flat transmission rate of 1,200 yen (US$10.3). “With the increased demand for CARWINGS services, the offer will be more attractive to customers who can enjoy the available information channels and services as much as they want, for a flat monthly rate”, commented the company.

Sunday, September 30th 2007

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