Nigiloc: Locate Your Bicycle with GPS and SigFox

Low cost & 2 years battery life

Nigiloc: Locate Your Bicycle with GPS and SigFox
At the recently held Connected Conference in Paris, GPS Business News discovered Nigiloc, a small French start-up that developed a low cost, low power GPS tracker which fits in the handle or any other tubular part of a bicycle or scooter and can work two years on a single battery.

GPS Business News interviewed with Nigiloc CEO Gilbert Wilhelm.

GPS Business News: Who is Nigiloc?
Gilbert Wilhelm: We are a French company positioned in the IoT (internet of things) market. Our two first products are Nigibike & Nigiscoot, which are tracking devices for bikes & scooters. All ours products are manufactured in France by BMS Circuits in Bayonne.

GPS BN: Technically speaking, what are the unique features of NiGibike and NiGiscoot?
GW: Our products required 18 months of research & development. Today, they are two of the smallest tracking devices in the world.

Nigibike & Nigiscoot are innovative products including lot of technology such as GPS, SigFox connectivity, Bluetooth, and more.

Ours products has several unique features: first, they are miniaturized products: Nigibike & Nigiscoot are completely invisible to the naked eyes and extremely lightweight, i.e. less than 50 grams. Additionally, neither the aesthetics nor the performance of the bike or scooter is affected by the product.

The second most important differentiation is the battery life. We use the radio technology from by SigFox (i.e. Ultra Narrow Band technology). Radio waves use less energy than GSM signal. Indeed, the battery lasts 2 years (whereas most of the products using GSM technology last maximum 3 months).

Third, its discretion: once the product is installed we don’t need to activate it. Everything is done automatically. Finally, it is easy to use: Nigibike & Nigiscoot do not require smartphone, a basic mobile phone is enough to make our product to work.

GPS BN: OK, how does it work then?
GW: This is very simple. First you pair the Bluetooth of your phone with the device. Then every time the device moves it searches for the paired device around it, if the device is found it gets back to sleep and if not it sends an alert via text and email. This alert is sent every five minutes with the precise location of the stolen bicycle or scooter.

GPS BN: On other systems using SigFox connectivity modules, the antenna seems to be a bit bulky, how did you cope with that?
GW: We have developed a special antenna which is able to work in a small space. We choose to develop our own antenna because none of those on the market could work properly for our use case.

GPS BN: And for the GPS?
GW: We use a u-blox module.

GPS BN: How much does it cost?
GW: The device is less than 100€ and the subscription is less than 6€ per month. To compare, our competitors who use GSM technology are much more expensive than us. The price for their devices is nearly 200€, and the subscription is 11€ per months on average.


Monday, July 7th 2014

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