NiM announces one million paid mobile phone navigation subscribers

VZ Navigator
VZ Navigator
Networks In Motion (NiM), a major US white label navigation and location-based services (LBS) provider, today announced that it recently exceeded one million paid users of its real-time navigation services on GPS-enabled mobile phones.

Networks In Motion’s NavBuilder platform delivers turn-by-turn, voice-prompted directions and local search. The subscription costs $9.99 per month or $2.99 per day. The service is currently available on Verizon Wireless, Alltel and TELUS in North America. VZ Navigator from Verizon Wireless is generating the major part of this business, largely due to an aggressive marketing campaign to promote the solution.

“Reaching one million paid subscribers in just over a year is a major milestone that shows consumers are choosing the convenience of GPS navigation on a device they already carry with them everyday,” said Doug Antone, president and CEO of Networks In Motion. “We believe this rapid market acceptance strongly indicates where people will turn for their navigation needs.”

“Both local search and turn-by-turn navigation, offered by Networks In Motion, will drive strong interest for GPS navigation on mobile phones over the next 12 months,” added Chris Hazelton, senior analyst in IDC’s Mobile Device Technology and Trends program. “Continuously updated, simple, and easy-to-use offerings like these pose the greatest threat to the personal navigation device market.”

Monday, May 7th 2007

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