Nexage: Geo-Targeted Mobile Banners on the Rise

Nexage: Geo-Targeted Mobile Banners on the Rise
According to a report from mobile advertising exchange platform Nexage, demand and supply of location-enabled mobile impressions were on a strong rise of approximately 30 percent per month between May and October 2012.

“We are seeing a 30% per month growth in location demand, driven by two primary factors: (1) the growth of location-specialized buyers, and (2) the expansion of other buyers targeting capabilities that enable them to better ingest and decision on different location formats (e.g., lat/ long, zip code, etc). Both factors highlight the more important point: advertisers are ramping up their local and hyperlocal campaigns to truly exploit the mobile medium to drive sales. “

“Publishers see the same trends and are responding. We are seeing 33% per month growth in location-enabled impressions.“

According to the report, location-enabled impressions are currently commanding a 2x (basic location such as state or metro code) to 5x premium (Lat/Long location).

Tuesday, December 18th 2012

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