NemeriX’s GPS powers SPOT personal tracking device

NemeriX’s GPS powers SPOT personal tracking device
NemeriX, a semiconductor company specializing in ultra low power GPS today announces that its NX2 system has been chosen as the GPS solution for the SPOT Satellite Messenger. SPOT is a global satellite tracker dedicated to consumers. Including a satellite communications modem and a GPS receiver, the SPOT messenger handheld allows outdoor enthusiasts to send their position to emergency services and family independently of cellular coverage. This device is priced at US $149 and a one year service subscription starts at US $99. It is now shipping in the United States with availability in Europe expected in early 2008.

The SPOT device has been developed for SPOT Inc. – a subsidiary of satellite voice and data service provider Globalstar (NASDAQ: GSAT) – by Axonn LLC, the exclusive provider of hardware for the Globalstar Simplex Data Network.

“GPS signals are processed by the NemeriX system within the 239 g (7.37 ounce) SPOT Messenger, which takes AA size lithium batteries and, when powered on, has a standby battery life of approximately 12 months. NemeriX’s NX2 baseband processor, designed for C/A code L1 GPS low power applications, acts as a flexible GPS enabled micro-controller, with a highly integrated, low noise RF front-end receiver”, explained NemeriX.

Axonn CEO Dave Biggs adds: “NemeriX’s ultra low power and highly reliable, high precision location determination technology was crucial to our ability to produce an affordable, personal safety device that can be used outside the coverage areas of cellular phones.”

Wednesday, November 7th 2007

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