Navteq announces 3D content

Navteq announced today at CEBIT the availability of two new types of content: three dimensional models of major cities and three dimensional landmarks of prominent and important structures in and around theses cities. 3D city models are untextured 2 dimensional polygons describing foot print of a building and height definition.

Additionally Navteq will make available "Digital Terrain", a visual enhancement to map display with 3D height information and height related colors and "Enhanced Elevation Contours", an outline of natural topography and terrain information.

“The consumers with whom we’ve conducted research are wowed by the visual impact of this content, but once they see it at work in a system, they understand it’s even more valuable in terms of providing context and enhancing their ability to follow and even anticipate their system’s guidance instructions,” said Cliff Fox, Senior Vice President, NAVTEQ Map.

David Assouline, marketing Director Europe added, "Our consumer studies shows that during a travel guided by a navigation system, in 20% of the cases the driver is just guessing what the navigation system want him to do, particularly in complex junction situations". Therefore Navteq is defining its priorities about 3D content not in term of entertainment, but as an additional help to the driver in complex navigation situations: a roundabout with multiple exits, for example.

Navteq will provide this 3D content to its corporate customers in various levels of resolution to accommodate their software and hardware possibilities. For example, the landmarks are provided in three forms: icon and 2 resolutions levels.

“As systems’ data capacities increase, we’re excited by the potential for customizable and useful content like our new Visual Content suite. At the same time, we’ve worked hard to flexibly design our product to give our customers the multiple resolution levels and data choices that respect system size constraints and allow for application differentiation,” said Fox.

3D city models will be available in 2007 for 13 cities in Europe and 30 cities in North America. 15 to 30 City Landmarks will be available per City Model.

Thursday, March 15th 2007

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