Navigon Fresh: on demand navigation software modules

Navigon Fresh: on demand navigation software modules
Navigon unveiled last week in Europe additional software features on its Navigon Fresh online shop.

So far it was possible to buy the “usual suspects” of software navigation portals: accessories, traffic information licenses, speedcam databases or maps (FreshMaps subscription) as well as download free software updates. But now Navigon is going a step further in pioneering the sale of software functionalities via its website and desktop software.

Consumers who bought an entry level product (Navigon 1200, 2100 or 2200) can easily add features such as Landmark View3D (€19.95) to get 3D rendering of monuments across Europe, text to speech (€19.95), curve warning (€14.95), or reality View Pro (€29.95) for overview of complicated motorway junctions.

This is an interesting business case put together by Navigon, thanks to its modular navigation software. In one hand it allows consumers to upgrade their products over time and choose the exact feature they care about; in the other hand these upgrades provide high margin to the manufacturer. However, having these options is one thing, selling them is another which will require good CRM tools to create awareness for these add-ons and convince users to open their wallets.

Monday, October 20th 2008

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