Nav N Go to embed Clear Channel traffic into U.S. PND software

ASUS R700t already features Nav N Go and CCTTN
ASUS R700t already features Nav N Go and CCTTN
Hungarian navigation software editor Nav N Go and Clear Channel Radio announced that real-time traffic data from CCR’s Total Traffic Network (CCTTN) will be integrated into Nav N Go’s software moving forward, to speed up development time for PND makers looking at adding real-time this feature.

“A large portion of the PND makers we work with use Clear Channel Radio’s Total Traffic Network so creating this bundle makes perfect sense,” said Attila Kátai, Chief Content Officer of Nav N Go.

Navigation devices featuring Nav N Go software will offer CCTTN’s real-time traffic data as a free trial for the first 90 days. Clear Channel’s Total Traffic Network now serves more than 125 metropolitan markets, mostly in the United States, but also in Canada, Mexico and New Zealand. javascript:void(0)In the United States CCTTN serves 95 metropolitan markets with RDS TMC (FM radio sub carrier), the most common distribution method for traffic today.

High consumer interest in traffic-enabled navigation
According to a NAVTEQ study conducted in November 2007, 92% of in vehicle navigation system users say they are very interested in real-time traffic for their navigation device.

Nevertheless traffic-enabled navigation solutions are just starting to take off. In July, CCTTN announced its service was available to “half a million paid subscribers”; and in September NAVTEQ said its service was “available to over 1 million drivers”.

In the PND market the take rate of traffic information has been rather low due to the cost of such add-ons. However, Navigon - which uses Clear Channel - recently added free lifetime traffic to all its PND range. Even more important, Garmin, in partnership with NAVTEQ, introduced in September free real-time traffic information subsidized by location-based advertising in a range of low to high end navigation products: the nüvi 2x5 family, nüvi 755T, 765T and 775T. The nüvi 2x5 family, starting at a suggested price of $199 is likely to represent a significant chunk of the PND market for the holiday season, further pushing Garmin’s competitors to add traffic, hence the partnership between Nav N Go and Clear Channel.

Wednesday, October 22nd 2008

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