NAVX: "We provide Content to TomTom, Garmin and Mio"

NAVX: "We provide Content to TomTom, Garmin and Mio"
NAVX, a France-based content provider to the navigation and LBS industry, spoke with GPS Business News last week. The 20 people company, created in 2006, has now one million members to its user-generated portal and about the same number of Points of interest in its database.

10 days ago, NAVX launched an iPhone application to share gas prices (via pictures made by users at gas stations) which has enjoyed a good success in France and Belgium with over 3,000 downloads a day, ranking in the top 15 applications on the (French version) of the App Store.

We took the opportunity of this launch to meet with Jean Cherbonnier, co-founder and CEO, to talk about the B2B and B2C business of the company and learn a bit more about the back end of this iPhone application.

Monday, February 2nd 2009

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