NAVTEQ to offer flight status and fuel prices

NAVTEQ to offer flight status and fuel prices
Digital map maker NAVTEQ this week said it expanded its dynamic content portfolio with Air Travel Status and Fuel Prices available for beta testing, with plans for commercial launch in the first quarter of 2009 in North America.

NAVTEQ's Air Travel Status enables navigation systems and applications to provide a detailed view of the air travel experience for hundreds of U.S.-based airports and thousands of flights. Air Travel Status provides flight arrival and departure information for most U.S. domestic flights, as well as travel-related information for hundreds of U.S. airports -- including current weather conditions, overall delay status and average security line wait times.

Fuel Prices, another new dynamic POI data product from the mapping provider, helps navigation systems and applications meet the needs of drivers searching for the most economic fuel prices. This data, matched to fuel stations on the NAVTEQ digital map, enables proximity searches for the lowest available price for diesel and Ethanol/E85 as well as regular, mid-grade and premium gasoline.

This dynamic POI content, launching first in the U.S., will expands to Europe thereafter, said NAVTEQ. In North America the Chicago-based company also offers real-time traffic solutions (NAVTEQ Traffic) and “Camera Alert”, which informs users about locations of speed limit cameras and radar zones.

Friday, November 7th 2008

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