NAVTEQ offers US speed and red light cam database

NAVTEQ offers US speed and red light cam database
Digital map supplier NAVTEQ announced today the availability of NAVTEQ Camera Alert, its North American database of speed limit cameras, red light cameras, as well as combined speed and red light cameras - both fixed and mobile - in 5,000 locations.

"Automated cameras are proliferating across North American cities," stated Cindy Paulauskas, vice president Americas map and content products, NAVTEQ. "And our proprietary research indicates that these types of warnings are a highly valued feature in countries where this navigation system functionality is available.”

NAVTEQ Camera Alert is delivered as an XML format and is associated to the NAVTEQ map. The addition of this comprehensive camera location information complements other features already available in the map such as speed limits, railway crossings, school zones and traffic signals. All of these features can be utilized in a variety of combinations to create warning systems for vehicles.

A market just getting started
Several small providers of speed and red light camera databases have been doing business in the United States for two to three years. However, so far the number of these cameras is relatively small (in density) compared to several European markets (United Kingdom has 5,000 cameras on its own) where these databases is a must have on navigation systems.

It might take a few years before such databases become a sought for option in PNDs for North American consumers. There are today regional needs in cities where red light cameras are everywhere (such as Scottsdale or Chicago, for example) but nothing as dense as in the Benelux, United Kingdom, France or Spain.

For more information read our special feature on the speed camera business.

Tuesday, June 2nd 2009

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