NAVTEQ in business with Samsung

NAVTEQ in business with Samsung
Digital map maker NAVTEQ today announced that it has signed an agreement to supply its map data and content to Samsung Electronics. Samsung Electronics will have access to all 76 countries in the NAVTEQ map database. The agreement also allows Samsung Electronics the rights to utilize NAVTEQ content including Visual Content, Speed Limits, Extended Lanes and NAVTEQ’s pedestrian content, Discover Cities.

Based upon this contract Samsung Electronics will launch the Samsung I8910 HD with NAVTEQ data, in Europe in May. This GPS-enabled Symbian S60 Smartphone will offer turn by turn navigation, including 3D landmarks, 3D city models, speed limits, extended lanes and pedestrian content.

The Samsung I8910 HD also offers a social networking functionality which utilizes NAVTEQ data. It allows users to find their friends online and determine the quickest way to route or walk to them. Users can also use the local POI search capability and find places recommended by their friends.

While not precised in today's annoucement, Route66 and Gypsii are expected to be the Samsung partners for navigation and social networking on this device.

Thursday, April 30th 2009

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