NAVTEQ gets 200 brands in its POI merchant program

NAVTEQ gets 200 brands in its POI merchant program
Digital map provider NAVTEQ today said more than 200 global brands in categories such as banks, coffee shops, fuel stations, grocery stores, hotels, pharmacies, or restaurants now participate in its point of interest (POI) program for retailers launched two years ago.

NAVTEQ Direct Access is a fee-based service which allows retailers to have their storefronts displayed on NAVTEQ maps. It helps merchants make sure that their locations are properly positioned on the map, via POI verification and a suite of web-based POI management tools. With these tools merchants are able to directly update NAVTEQ’s POI database when they open or close new locations.

Additionally, certain merchants have the opportunity to make their logos part of the brand icons product which display the logo of the brand directly on the screen of navigation systems rather than a generic POI representing the category.

According to research conducted by NAVTEQ in December 2007, more than 90 percent of GPS navigation device users prefer logo icons over generic icons on the map. The same study also demonstrated that on average, navigation system users drove to businesses for which they conducted a search 67 percent of the time.

Tuesday, September 16th 2008

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