NAVTEQ announced semi finalists for EMEA LBS Challenge

NAVTEQ announced semi finalists for EMEA LBS Challenge
This week NAVTEQ revealed the names of the thirteen companies that have been selected during the semi-finals of its LBS Challenge and will be showcased in a couple of weeks at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This year 180 companies participated into this EMEA competition. Three trends are clearly visible this selection: the concern for environment and fuel efficiency (3 applications), the trend towards location-based mobile advertising (4 applications) and the presence of more contestants from Central and Eastern Europe (4 companies).

Semi finalists:

NAVTEQ announced semi finalists for EMEA LBS Challenge
• Birkett Enterprises Ltd., UK - PhoneLocator - A phone tracking application that uses GPS to recover lost phones.

• Carbon Hero Ltd., UK - Carbon Diem - An application that uses GPS technology to track a person’s carbon footprint based on his/her transportation choices.

• CCC, Hungary/United Kingdom - Quest4POI - Helps you find interesting Points of Interest (POIs) for specific locations.

• Connect Things, France – ezStroll - An advertising application that allows you to receive promotional messages from surrounding businesses and visitor sites (shops, museums, etc).

• Crambo Labs, Spain – Econav - A driving application that assists you to save fuel through efficient routing.

• Kishonti Informatics Bt, Hungary – NaviGenie - An easy-to-use application for casual users of mass market, entry-level phones, providing 3D mapping, bird’s eye, satellite and street views.

• MobGeo Ltd., UK – MobGeo - A location-based advertising application that delivers mobile coupons / vouchers to your phone.

• MSG-While on the Move, Finland - SkiInLapland - A ski-guide application that lists the top ski resorts and allows ski enthusiasts to share text, images and videos about the places they visit.

• NaviExpert Sp, z o. o. , Poland – MONAPI (Mobile Online Navigation API) - A security application that helps report emergencies via a map and to monitor family members’ locations alerting user of various types of safety concerns, e.g. children wandering off the school grounds.

• PH Informatica SA, Portugal - City Guide - An enhanced POI application with photos, images and video imagery as well as a simplified process to set up appointments with friends.

• Skobbler GmbH, Germany – Skobbler – An Ad-funded mobile navigation application which allows young, urban consumers to share information, personal comments and recommendations on the coolest “in” spots around the city. (read more here about Skobbler)

• T + 1 Solutions, Estonia - EcoRide - A location-assisted car pooling application that allows you to develop your own car pooling community to save fuel costs and be more environmentally friendly.

• Yoose GmbH, Germany - Mobile Coupons - A “mobile wallet” application that lets you store loyalty cards and coupons to your phone using a bar code scanning function.

Tuesday, January 27th 2009

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