NAVITIME launches multimodal nav trial in Europe

NAVITIME launches multimodal nav trial in Europe
NAVITIME, a Japanese multi-modal navigation provider, is launching today trial services in nineteen European countries for Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Java phones. The trial will continue until the end of December 2008, and commercial service is scheduled to be launched in January.

NAVITIME allows users to plan travel routes from a combination of transportation methods (multi-modal), including walking, driving, and a variety of public transportation methods - such as trains, subways, buses and taxis. The search results show routes combining those methods, allowing the users to compare and choose freely from a variety of ways. For mobile application users, GPS voice guidance is available for both pedestrian and car navigations.

Subway routes are currently available for London (U.K.), Milan, Rome, Napoli (Italy), Wien (Austria), Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Stockholm (Sweden), Barcelona, Madrid (Spain), Copenhagen (Denmark), Berlin, München, Frankfurt, Hamburg (Germany), Oslo (Norway), Helsinki (Finland), Lyon, Marseille, Paris, Tours, Rennes (France), Bruxelles (Belgium), and Lisbon (Portugal).

Local train routes are available for Dublin (Ireland) , Birmingham (U.K.), Milan, Rome, Torino (Italy), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Zurich, Genève (Switzerland), Barcelona (Spain), Berlin, München, Frankfurt and Hamburg (Germany).

Monday, November 17th 2008

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