NAVIGON PNDs Get Rand McNally Travel Content

NAVIGON PNDs Get Rand McNally Travel Content
Navigation systems provider NAVIGON is announcing today a partnership with Rand McNally, a well known North American brand for paper maps, to supply "Scenic Routes" and "City Guides" content for NAVIGON’s line of personal navigation devices (PNDs).

Scenic Routes provides more than 250 scenic routes and pre-planned trips with coverage in all 50 U.S. states and Canada for travelers searching for routes featuring the most beautiful vistas and landscapes. Rand McNally City Guides provide information on the best attractions and landmarks for more than 1,400 U.S. and Canadian cities. The Rand McNally Scenic Routes and Rand McNally City Guides will be available in select NAVIGON devices and online at in spring 2009 and retail for $19.99 each.

The Rand McNally content can be activated through NAVIGON’s free downloadable online software NAVIGON Fresh. NAVIGON Fresh allows users to manage their content, update and customize their navigation device. It automatically synchronizes Personal Computers with NAVIGON GPS devices via a USB connection. For North American customers, new downloadable content on NAVIGON Fresh in spring 2009 will also include Red Light Cameras, a European Map, a North American Expansion Pack, 3-D Landmarks and Extended POI’s.

Wednesday, January 7th 2009

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