MyLoki: from FaceBook to email signature, location everywhere

MyLoki: from FaceBook to email signature, location everywhere
Skyhook Wireless, the provider of the Wi-Fi Positioning System used in the iPhone has unveiled today MyLoki, a service that feeds location from Wi-Fi enabled devices (laptops, phones) to personal blogs, social networking sites (FaceBook) and location directories like Fire Eagle.

MyLoki is part of the new version of the Loki location platform developed by Skyhook Wireless which was initially a web browser toolbar allowing to perform local search on various partners websites (Zillow, Google Movie, etc…). This platform is now available for a large number of Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices including laptops and cell phones using operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Mobile, Mac OS X, and Symbian S60.

A large array of platforms to feed with location
With MyLoki users can share location updates to microblogs like Jaiku, or post location updates to any RSS feed that supports GeoRSS, like Google MyMaps and the MyLoki profile page.

Skyhook Wireless also developed a nice little Facebook application that streams the user location to its FaceBook page. Additionally, the Yahoo Fire Eagle service (read our recent article here) is already integrated with Loki to simplify location updates.

MyLoki also provides image badges that automatically update with current location information, for use in email signatures or blogs. All of these capabilities include full privacy controls to protect users.

Wi-Fi positioning well adapted to "presence" applications
With this new application Skyhook Wireless has found a good way to further demonstrate its Wi-Fi positioning capabilities. Sharing location with friends and family – and even the public at large - is soon to become a de facto element on blogs, social networking websites and instant messengers. For this purpose the accuracy of GPS is not relevant; Wi-Fi positioning is really good enough, not to mention strong advantages such as working perfectly well indoor and being very fast. Furthermore, some kind of inaccuracy might even be better as an ultimate privacy shield.

Wednesday, March 12th 2008

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