Motorola enters satellite navigation market with on-board and off-board solutions

Motorola enters satellite navigation market with on-board and off-board solutions
Like Nokia, GSM World Congress was the place Motorola chosed to unveil its new navigation service called MOTONAV. MOTONAV will be available bundled with a GPS bluetooth receiver either as an off-board solution for Java phones (T805 navigation system) or as an on-board solution for Smartphones (T815 navigation system). The T805 version comes with a 12-month MOTONAV - one country - subscription, while the T815 includes MOTONAV loaded on a memory card.

According to the press release: "The GPS receiver establishes a connection via Bluetooth wireless technology to a compatible mobile phone through automatic pairing, eliminating the need for complicated device discovery or pin-number entry". The receiver is enhanced by an Assisted GPS, providing quick start-up and location search and routing within seconds.

The MOTONAV solution offers users to send their location to friends and family, who can then view or navigate to it. Real-time traffic is also provided. The GPS receiver comes complete with a car charger, universal phone holder and flexible mounting options.

Both MOTONAV solutions have been developed by Destinator and Jentro, according to an announcement made at CES in Las Vegas in January. "The new products and mobile devices will be equipped with location-based services and navigation platforms that give consumers access to local point-of-interest searches, community tools and other LBS and value-added services. These features are made possible by Destinator’s seamless integration and Jentro’s mobile Internet platform which uses the Java client on a handset to communicate with a server-based backend – thus enabling a complete phone-based navigation for the mass market."

Wednesday, February 14th 2007
ludovic Privat

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