Mobile World Congress 2018 Exhibits the Latest Trends in Indoor Localization

At least 33 companies are exhibiting indoor location technologies and solutions at the 2018 Mobile World Congress, taking place this week in Barcelona. While all of these companies are very different from each other, they collectively represent several huge trends in the indoor localization industry.

The first trend is highly accurate localization. Indoor localization systems for years were capable of achieving only 4-5 meter accuracy. This is enough, for example, to know which store a person is in in a shopping mall, or which section of a store a shopper is in, but not which aisle they are in or what product they are considering. Recent technology advances have achieved accuracies of 15cm, often in 3D, enabling measurement not only of what aisle a shopper is in but exactly which product their hand is reaching.

If you want to see the highest accuracy in indoor localization, your first stops should be Quuppa and Marvelmind Robotics. These two solutions use drastically different technologies - Quuppa uses angle of arrival (AoA) measurements of Bluetooth signals, based on over 15 years of R&D, while Marvelmind uses ultrasonic sound wave measurements that have only recently been successfully used effectively for accurate localization. Quuppa’s solution works with both smartphones and tags, while Marvelmind’s is currently tag based, although they plan to move to smartphones soon. See below a video of Quuppa’s technology at last year’s Mobile World Congress.

See below a video of Marvelmind:

But you need to visit the boothes of these two companies to see the state of their technology today.


Sunday, February 25th 2018
Bruce Krulwich, Grizzly Analytics

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