Mobile Distillery partners with deCarta

Mobile Distillery partners with deCarta
Mobile Distillery, a French company specializing in software porting between various OS platforms announced last week a partnership with deCarta to offer a seamless deployment of deCarta’s LBS platform APIs among a large number of handsets.

Mobile Distillery is the provider of Celsius, a toolset aimed at developing, testing and deploying mobile software on hundreds of different handsets through automated processes. Celsius was initially targeting Java (J2ME) handsets and expanded more recently to support other operating system - through a partnership with Innaworks which alcheMo tool port a J2ME application to BREW, iPhone and Windows Mobile.

Mobile Distillery started to get involved into location-based services about six months ago upon the request of its customers. At the end of last year the company set up a first partnership in the LBS arena with leading French mapping portal Mappy, to provide features such as geocoding, mapping and proximity search to its French customers.

Partnership with deCarta
With deCarta the initial API supported include loading, panning and zooming maps, geocoding, as well as the management of the keyboard as the entry to these functions. “They do a very good job of tackling one of the biggest headaches in the mobile business: porting code between the various handsets and OS’s”, explained Marc Prioleau, vice president marketing and business development at deCarta. “This is a big issue for our developers so a partnership there makes sense to shorten time to market and use development money efficiently.”

Mobile Distillery and deCarta are working on integrating a number of other API in the future. “We are just getting started in the LBS industry”, recognizes Eric Lemaréchal, Co-Founder and COO at Mobile Distillery who also set up a partnership with NAVTEQ to sponsor the LBS Challenge this year. Nevertheless, according to Eric Lemaréchal, the key focus is not to help pure players developing location-based services, but rather mobile application developers looking at adding location as an additional feature to their existing application.

Celsius is positioned as a professional grade system which license cost about €25,000 per year, including support and training. Therefore, Mobile Distillery does not target individual iPhone or Android developers but larger corporations such as system integrators across the mobile application ecosystem, web specialists, mobile game publishers, mobile marketing agencies and IT service companies.

Tuesday, March 24th 2009

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