Mobile Distillery and Mappy team up for LBS application development

Mobile Distillery and Mappy team up for LBS application development
Location-aware applications, like any other mobile application, are facing the fragmentation of the wireless space. Porting a Java application to hundreds of devices can rapidly turn into a nightmare. This is why Mobile Distillery, a mobile application development and automated porting software company, decided to partner with Mappy to add location features to the Mobile Distillery's platform: Celsius v5. The two French companies are planning to release the Mappy API in October 2008.

The Celsius platform simplifies and accelerates the whole production cycle of mobile applications, enabling Java mobile developers to create individually optimized applications for more than 1,000 handsets (Java & Brew), from a single set of source code and art assets.

Mappy API will include geocoding, mapping and routing, referencing specific points of interest and proximity search. Through this partnership developers and publishers using Celsius v5 will be able to integrate a location component to their applications.

Mobile Distillery’s customers include developers, publishers and system integrators across the mobile application ecosystem, web specialists (Amadeus, Mappy, Orange/Voila, Overblog, Sharewire, ...), mobile game publishers (Exkee, Lexis Mobile, Visiware, ...), mobile marketing agencies (CubeX Agency, Ubitouch, ...), and IT service companies (Atos Worldline, Prylos, Business Anywhere,...). In January 2008 Mobile Distillery secured €2 million in a Series A funding round with venture capital firm Viveris Management.

Monday, June 30th 2008

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