Mireo introduces its new navigation software (Advertorial)

Mireo introduces its new navigation software (Advertorial)
Mireo, the navigation software company from Croatia, has prepared the new edition of its navigation software. The software, already sold to a number of customers, features some exciting improvements over previous versions: a completely redesigned UI, the inclusion of 3D landmarks, options to use self -complete or fuzzy way of entering addresses or name of POIs and many other improvement

The software runs on multiple platforms, including Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Symbian.

User Interface
The design goal of new software’s workflow is ultimate simplicity!
When the program is launched it starts with the presentation of an artistically crafted map similar to previous releases coming from Mireo. And this is where all the similarity with previous releases ends!

If you zoom in close enough over the right area of the map, you will see 3D landmarks neatly integrated and presented on the map.

Mireo introduces its new navigation software (Advertorial)
Green and red colors of the buttons utilized in User Interface design, were selected with the idea of leading the user into pressing a green button and making her/him think twice before pressing a red button.

For example on the above screen, depressing the green Menu button triggers expected action - the main menu is brought up:

Mireo introduces its new navigation software (Advertorial)
The appearance of the menu and the change of the windows are sometimes associated with carefully designed animation that creates the high quality software feel. The animation is in the same time subtle enough not to cause dizziness.

As in previous versions, Mireo is using map as an active tablet that allows users to tap on the map, get information on the location of tap or start more complicated task such as trip planning.

Mireo introduces its new navigation software (Advertorial)
Fuzzy search
Mireo has earned its reputation in the marketplace for its unique double fuzzy search technology. The company always prided on software’s ability to allow the users entry of a partial or grossly misspelled names of the cities, streets or POIs in performing Pan- European or Pan-American search.

In this release, Mireo's engineers have implemented the new feature that allows users to limit the search on the one country only, and in this way significantly reduce the number of matches in some cases. Similar technology is implemented for narrowing the search to a single state in the U.S. SKU:

As expected, the correct searched item (Goethestrasse 3, Düsseldorf) is easily found from misspelled partial entry:

3D landmarks
Initially, Mireo opposed the idea of introducing 3D features in its software because company didn’t want to feature the software that would look “game-ish”.

Mireo’s engineers always claimed that what the users care about the most are things like finding places, calculating routes and guidance, and Mireo had done pretty good work in all of the above areas.

Mireo introduces its new navigation software (Advertorial)
However, voice of the customer has driven design efforts in the direction of inclusion of 3D features. Nevertheless, in implementing these features, Mireo again wanted to be the best in class. So if you ask yourself what kind of hardware accelerator Mireo uses to get such a high frame rate when moving the map with 3D objects - the answer is none!!!

Furthermore, Mireo’s customers are not asked to put 128MB of DRAM to have 3D feature included. It runs on today standard 64MB DRAM devices and if you happen to have 400 MHz device you may think that someone secretly increased the processor speed to over 600 MHz.

Traveling Salesman Algorithm
With this technology, Mireo is catering to the users that would like to save some gas money, and carefully consider how to drive really optimal routes.

Imagine that you have to deliver mail on seven places within a certain area of a city. How would you know that you have chosen the best stops order and therefore spend the least amount of fuel for the required journey?

If you look at the trip summary after entering all required stops for this particular trip, software will give you the total length of the journey (15 km).
trip length: 15 km
trip length: 15 km

However you can optimize the order of stops using travelling salesman algorithm. The total length of new rearranged trip is 9.3 km.
trip length: 9.3 km
trip length: 9.3 km

So with this simple calculation the total length of the trip has been reduced from 15 to 9.3 km and this is the savings of 26% and with today’s prices of fuel some users are going to be very happy with this new feature that Mireo offers.

Symbian 60 3rd Edition
One of the benefits of Mireo’s technology is the fact that the code (and features) vary a little going from Windows CE to Symbian or other OS.

For users of Mireo’s technology this means almost the same look at feel. This is important for people who have PNDs in their cars and use phones for navigation when walking or using rent a car. The screen on new Nokia phone looks almost the same as the screen on any windows CE device:

Obviously the menu structure and navigation through menus is a bit different because standard phone keys are used to drive the program.

Symbian version is supports all European languages, but in addition it also supports Arabic and Hebrew. Some new features that Symbian version will offer in the nearest future are: traffic over GPRS, GeoPix and SMS integration.
Mireo introduces its new navigation software (Advertorial)

Mireo has introduced its products to global market for the first time at the 2007 CEBIT show in Hannover, Germany. Since that time, the company was very successful in signing up customers and today in some markets it is the software of choice for the majority of customers. With its focus on Hebrew and Arabic localizations, company has shown its resolve to offer the same quality solution no matter where the software is sold or considered for selling.

Furthermore, software architecture has allowed Mireo turnaround of four major releases of UI and completely new workflows which allows Mireo’s customers full customization of their solutions based on Mireo’s technology and true brand positioning of the devices based on Mireo’s software.

For more information on Mireo’s products and technology please contact Dr Voyl Divljakovic, Mireo’s COO at voyl.divljakovic@mireo.hr

Thursday, January 22nd 2009

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