Mio to launch real 3D navigation on PND at IFA

Berlin's Reichstag by Tele Atlas
Berlin's Reichstag by Tele Atlas
Personal Navigation Device’s (PND) manufacturer Mio today announced its forthcoming Mio C620 PND featuring 3D maps and 3D landmarks that will be presented at the consumer electronics trade show IFA in Berlin at the end of August. The Mio C620 and C620t (T for Traffic) will feature the MioMap 2008 navigation application (developed by Hungarian navigation software company NavNGo) with the 3D maps from Tele Atlas. Both devices will have a 4.3 inches screen.

NavNGo was already displaying its 3D capabilities in March at the CeBIT trade show in Hannover (see our article here).

Mio did not detail which cities will be offered in 3D. However, in May Tele Atlas said: “The detailed, navigable Tele Atlas 3D city maps available in July will cover nearly 2,000 km², or approximately 40 km² per city. In addition, they will feature complete, textured city centers modelled in 3D and Tele Atlas’ unique 3D landmarks of notable structures”.

According to a Tele Atlas study, 81% of current and potential navigation system's users have a preference for 3D display over 2D display offerings. The study also indicated a strong willingness to pay for additional 3D city map content.

Monday, August 6th 2007

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