Mio enhanced content with new European PNDs

Mio enhanced content with new European PNDs
Mio Technology announced this week a new PND lineup across Europe. This new range of PNDs offers enhanced content including on-board WCities Travel Books and - for the high end - real-time content such as Google Local search and weather forecasts from AccuWeather.

With the Moov S500 HF, Mio debuts an improved version of its Local Search in Europe. Mio has partnered with Google for local directory information via a Bluetooth connection to a mobile phone while on the go. Whatever the location, simply typing in a generic request such as ‘coffee’, ‘pizza’ or ‘pharmacy’ brings up a list of local options. It can also find specific businesses if they are located nearby.

On the top of this new partnership Mio continues in some countries its partnership with local directories. For example, in France, Mio will offer both Google and “Pages Jaunes Inside” which has a strong local brand.

Mio has integrated more in-depth POI content with Travel Books from WCities. Pre-loaded into every new Mio is a selection of Travel Books for London, Paris and Rome, featuring in-depth listings of places to eat, stay and visit, combined with facts and photos. There are hundreds more to choose from which can be downloaded onto the new devices for a few Euros for one city, €20 for one country and €49 for the whole of Europe.

Mio’s new PNDs include Moov S300 priced at 149.99€, Moov Spirit 500 at 179.99€ and Moov Spirit 500 HF 229.99€, the latter being the only one to take advantage of the Bluetooth connectivity, thus real-time search - the two other product can however do it on their PC connected to their PND via USB. These new devices offer the current bells and whistles of the PND market such lane assistance, 3D junction views and Text-to-speech.

Thursday, May 14th 2009

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