Loquendo TTS Launched in Danish

Loquendo TTS Launched in Danish
Italian provider of speech technologies Loquendo, has released its Text to Speech solution in Danish language with “Frida”, a female voice, announced the company today.

With Loquendo TTS now in Danish, Finnish and Swedish, the company is well positioned in the Scandinavian markets. In total Loquendo TTS is currently available in 26 languages with 61 voices.

Loquendo’s Swiss competitor, SVOX, has a portfolio of 21 languages and 28 voices; another competitor based in France, Acapela, does support 18 languages while the market leader, Nuance, offers up to 30 languages and over 50 voices. With text to speech now available in a much broader range of navigation solutions at lower price points, there is definitely a market for less spoken languages.

Wednesday, November 19th 2008

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