Loopt launches media campaign: web and taxi TV

Loopt's online advertisement
Loopt's online advertisement
This week social mapping application provider Loopt started a media campaign in the United States both online and with New York City taxis. Online this campaign is taking the form of a sponsorship and advertising deal with “the Middle Show”, a self-called “first Late Night Comedy Show designed specifically for the Internet”. (see video below).

The campaign launched on July 7 and will run for 8 weeks total featuring a new Middle Show episode each week and highlighting unique people, places and events in NYC. The episodes will be distributed on YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, Black20 and iTunes. In addition to the web, the Loopt/Middle Show campaign will air in over 6,000 NYC cabs. Loopt is leveraging ABC’s TaxiTV as an advertising vehicle to deliver their message and reach consumers when they are “most likely on the way to meet friends, phone in hand and easily able to download Loopt”.

Sam Altman, CEO at Loopt wrote in an email to GPS Business News: “We’re on a mission to deliver Loopt to consumers everywhere regardless of their wireless carrier or mobile device. […] Our consumer marketing campaigns complement the various marketing activities of our carrier partners and enable us to directly reach new audiences with an entertaining, educational and interactive Loopt brand message.”

For Loopt it is not the first advertising campaign since its product was well advertised when it first launched with wireless operator Boost Mobile in 2006. However, this time Loopt is doing it on its own: promoting its own brand with no – operator - string attached and its own marketing budget. Even if the investment (undisclosed) is not huge, this campaign is interesting because it certainly marks a breaking point in the friend finder marketplace maturing from the start-up to the next level. The recent acquisition of Plazes by Nokia and the partnership of GyPSii with Garmin are two other signs of this maturation.

Wednesday, July 9th 2008

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