Logica, AirSage, partner for traffic information in Europe

Logica, AirSage, partner for traffic information in Europe
Logica, a leading IT and business services company, and AirSage, a provider of real-time traffic information based on wireless signals, have set up a partnership to provide comprehensive services delivering reliable and timely traffic information to drivers and businesses across Europe, said AirSage last week.

AirSage’s software technology aggregates anonymous signaling data from wireless mobile operators and converts the data into real-time traffic information for entire roadway networks.

“We are pleased to partner with Logica as they bring world-class ITS expertise and world-wide deployment capabilities,” said Cy Smith, AirSage’s founder and CEO. “Our technology is easy to implement and much less expensive than alternatives like fibre-optic cable and traffic cameras. Further, our technology provides comprehensive road network coverage. For example, in the U.S., we cover more than 330,000 km with real-time traffic information – that’s 20 times more than the substandard 16,000 km covered by sensors.”

Logica has a long time experience in this kind of technology, having worked as early as 2003 with Applied Generics and Vodafone Netherlands on using GSM signal data for generating traffic information. Applied Generics was bought by TomTom in 2006 and constitutes the core of TomTom’s HD traffic solution currently in deployment with several European wireless operators.

However, in this area the biggest problem is not really to master the technology but to have access to the wireless operator’s network to implement it. There are at least half a dozen companies having developed this kind of technology: TomTom, Navteq, Trafficcast, AirSage, IntelliOne and Cellint. But so far, TomTom is the only one that has been able to sign up wireless operators in several countries.

At this stage AirSage has an agreement with Sprint in the United States, but no wireless operator partners in Europe yet.

Wednesday, June 11th 2008

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