Location-based Ads & privacy, interview with Kristine van Dillen, MMA

Location-based Ads & privacy, interview with Kristine van Dillen, MMA
GPS Business News interviewed with Kristine van Dillen, Director of Industry Initiatives & Partnerships at the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), ahead of the Metaplaces conference (San Jose, CA, Sept. 22-23).

Kristine van Dillen joined the Mobile Marketing Association in 2008. In her role, Kristine facilitates the global initiatives of the MMA including coordinating and publishing guidelines, best practices and educational tools for mobile media and marketing. In her previous position as Director, Product Development at Vindigo, a mobile applications developer, Kristine managed the development of downloadable applications including MapQuest Mobile and MovieGoer. Prior to that, Kristine was working with Accenture in the Communications Industry business unit.

GPS Business News: Can you briefly introduce us to the MMA?
Kristine van Dillen: The MMA is a non-profit trade association established to lead the growth of mobile marketing. We have more than 700 member companies, representing over forty countries around the globe. Our members span out the whole mobile media ecosystem.

GPS BN: You will be speaking at the forthcoming Metaplaces conference about profiling and location-based advertising. What is the key message you want to convey to the attendees?
KvD: As a trade association our focus is on growing the mobile marketing and mobile advertising markets; to reach this goal we need to ensure that consumers want to engage with marketers which means a certain amount of restraint from the marketer’s side. This is why the MMA published a global code of conduct in July 2008 which has regular updates. The code has five pillars which are Notice, Choice & Consent, Customization & Constraint, Security, and Enforcement and Accountability. I will not detail each of these five categories now, but the whole idea is to provide mobile marketers with privacy principles.

Location-based Ads & privacy, interview with Kristine van Dillen, MMA
Location-based Ads & privacy, interview with Kristine van Dillen, MMA
GPS BN: Can you give us some examples with relation to location-based advertising?
KvD: Sure. If we talk about the “notice” category - which is informing the consumer about the terms and conditions of the marketing program - then a location-based ad program should clearly disclose for which purpose the location is used and captured. Now if we talk about the “security” category, the marketer should make sure that the user’s location is protected from unauthorized use, third party access, etc.

As you can understand the code of conduct is not detailing specific rules, it is much more a framework to self-regulate the mobile marketing industry and ultimately make sure that consumers are at ease with these marketing programs.

GPS BN: In terms of location accuracy and profile data what do you think is really needed by advertisers and what is not?
KvD: We have not yet set rules at that level. In an ideal world the consumer would know exactly the level at which he wants to share his personal information with a brand. The consumer should have full control of that. There are still questions in the market place about what information is very sensitive and what is not. And also don’t forget that local laws are still defining that.

What advertisers need in terms of location accuracy and profiling also varies from one campaign to another. For example the need is very different between a campaign in which the goal is to drive consumers into stores and another where the interaction is starting when the consumer is actually in the store. There are also campaigns where a marketer doesn’t need to retain information about the consumers, but there are others, like loyalty programs, where customer information is retained over time.


Thursday, July 16th 2009

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