Location Data: “As Personal As Fingerprints“

The International Transport Forum (OECD) published this week an interesting report dedicated to transport and Big Data.

One chapter (p. 33-58) of this report is fully dedicated to privacy in the age of big data, showing that, when it comes to massive geo-located data it is difficult to maintain privacy. Where people move define unique patterns and even if their personal data are stripped out of a “trace“, where they have been still show who they are.

based on third party academics research, the authors of the report are offering several suggestions on how to process geo-data to fully anonymize it without risking a later re-identification. Geo-location data anonymization is definitely easier said than done.

This is a good read for all parties involved in projects and products using massive geo-databases and facig privacy issues. The chapter is supplemented by a large bibliography for an in-depth look at this topic.

Watch below a quick video highlighting the risk of re-identification - you can also read or download the report under the video.

Thursday, May 28th 2015

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