Location-Based Games to Discover Cities

La Mosca Launches iPhone Games for Amsterdam, Paris and Barcelona

Location-Based Games to Discover Cities
Self defined as a crossover between “The Da Vinci Code” and “CSI”, City Secrets is a range of urban location-based games launched this week by Belgium boutique game developer La Mosca. City Secrets can be downloaded for Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam, it costs €1.59.

In this iPhone app, the player undertakes a mystical journey through the city. At various stops, the player has to search for clues and solve puzzles. The goal of the game: to find the final destination, where the mystery is revealed completely.

The content of City Secrets depends on the city. In Amsterdam, you help a retired police officer to solve an old murder case. In Barcelona, the quest will lead you to the lost ketchbook of Gaudi. And in Paris, an old picture book takes you to Napoleon’s hidden treasures. The game will take you to some of the city’s highlights, as well as some less well-known, but equally interesting places.

The game uses augmented reality (virtual images mixed with real-world background through the camera) accelerometer (motion sensor), compass and GPS. The app is available in English, French and Dutch.

It is a self-contained application (including the map) that does not require data connection, a simple but practical idea for foreign visitors that don’t want to spend ten times the cost of the game in data roaming.

Watch a City Secrets tutorial below:

Thursday, February 3rd 2011

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