Location-Based Audiences: When Location History Powers Ads

Location-Based Audiences: When Location History Powers Ads
The U.S. chapter of the Mobile Marketing Association MMA published last month an interesting white paper dedicated to location-based audiences, i.e. targeting methods using location history of a device to infer demographics and lifestyle characteristic of its user.

There is a growing number of companies developing this type of segmentation. We can most notably mention Adsquare, Factual, PlaceIQ, Thinknear, xAd, Locomizer, Verve, 4INFO, Ninthdecimal (formerly JiWire).

The whitepaper explains how location-based audiences are built and show some of the results generated by this targeting.

As an example, the restaurant chain Denny’s achieved a nearly 35 percent increase in Store Visit Lift (SVL) using location-based audience targeting in combination with proximity targeting (more than 20 percent increase in SVL over using proximity targeting alone) during a 2014 mobile campaign.

While this MMA white paper is very interesting, one might however regret that the word "privacy" is not mentioned once in the 14 pages. Marketers should not only look at the accuracy of the data provided by their suppliers, as suggested by the report, but also at how much they comply to high privacy standards.

See below the entire report:

Monday, June 15th 2015

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