Joost Schreve, "We are on a path to derive significant ad revenues"

Joost Schreve, "We are on a path to derive significant ad revenues"
GPS Business News interviewed with joost Schreve, CEO at GlobalMotion, the company operating a fast growing website dedicated to GPS-enabled travel content and stories.

GPS Business News: Can you remind us a bit about how and when you started GlobalMotion?
Joost Schreve: I started GlobalMotion in 2006 because I saw an emerging opportunity at the intersection of two major trends: the transformation of the web towards becoming increasingly interactive and social, and the fact that more and more devices were becoming location aware. At the same time I saw that many start-ups were focusing either on location-aware content consumption, or on location-based social networking. I felt that this left a huge blank space for what I call location-centric personal publishing. My vision is that the most compelling way to share travel experiences is by creating a visual experience, based on a map with geotagged photos and other geotagged media. The conventional travel blog, a white page of text with some photos sprinkled in, doesn’t really tell the story of a trip.

We launched to enable GPS and smartphone users to upload GPS tracks, photos and stories, while at the same time we built out the technology platform that we license to corporate customers.

GPS BN: How fast is the website growing in terms of users and content?
JS: Traffic at is growing very fast, currently at 500% per year. Our growth has been purely driven by word-of-mouth and organic search traffic. We have about 60,000 members now, who upload an ever increasing number of trips, ranging from sightseeing tours in the word’s major cities all the way to 4-week treks in the world’s remotest areas. Our database now consists of about 115,000 unique travel experiences, many of them richly illustrated with geotagged photos and detailed stories.

GPS BN: You have both a B2C and a B2B business, can you explain us how it works and what are their revenue models?
JS: On the consumer site we have, which is an ad-supported online service. Because of the rate at which our traffic is growing we are on a path to derive significant online advertising revenues. But currently our B2B revenues are much larger. We license our software using a SaaS model to some of the world’s leading brands. Our customers use our platform to offer our trip sharing functionalities to their customers. We currently see strong demand for white-label social networks focused on travel and outdoors. Our corporate customers use these to increase customer engagement and loyalty. It provides them with a great channel to establish an ongoing relationship with their user communities.

GPS BN: Who are your customers today in B2B?
JS: Currently I can share two live customers. The first is Globalstar, makers of the Spot Satellite Messenger. The Spot Messenger is a very cool device, used by tens of thousands of people worldwide, and growing fast. The device broadcasts its location automatically at set intervals, or triggered by the user, via its proprietary global satellite data network. The device is used by travelers to share their whereabouts with their loved-ones at home, for safety and pleasure. We take care of the online user experience, by providing an geo-social network at, that gives their users the ability to share their travel experience, both live and after their trip, add photos, stories, and allows their family, friends and other followers to view, rate, and comment on their travels.


Tuesday, June 30th 2009

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