JOBO announces innovative GPS add-on for cameras

JOBO announces innovative GPS add-on for cameras
JOBO AG, a German manufacturer of camera accessories, announced a new product called photoGPS, which tags pictures with their geographical coordinates.

photoGPS fits on the hot shoe of the camera, like a flash device. When taking a picture, photoGPS wakes up from its sleep mode and receives for some seconds GPS data.

Afterwards, as the device has a USB interface, it can be easily connected to a PC or a Mac computer. Then the software matches the pictures timing with the GPS timing and associates coordinates accordingly in the so called "EXIF" file of each picture.

But the software is even smarter than that. Indeed, it does associate to the pictures some meta data such as the address (country, region, postcode, city and street) as well as surrounding Points of Interest which might be a museum, a church, a beach, ... A nice addition to find on your computer a particular picture taken in a remote Italian village during your last holidays...

JOBO expects the photoGPS to be on the shelves next summer for retail price of 149 Euro.
When released this product might become a serious competitor to the Sony’s GPS-CS1 GPS device launched last summer.

Wednesday, February 21st 2007
ludovic Privat

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