Interview with eiver: Car Intelligence Analytics based on Free Smartphone App

Interview with eiver: Car Intelligence Analytics based on Free Smartphone App
GPS Business News recently spoke with Christophe Meunier-Jacob, CEO at SaveCode, a French start-up which smartphone app eiver, offers “quantified-self“ data of your car and your driving behaviour. The startup is monetizing through a fleet service and the resell of anonymous car data to enterprises, with the idea to become the “Nielsen“ or “JD Power“ of the connected car.

GPS Business News: What is eiver?
Christophe Meunier-Jacob: Eiver is a new smart driving assistant for smartphone, that rewards good drivers. It records driving behavior and provides Quantified Self data every day such as average speed, distance, travel time, energy consumptions and savings, CO2 emissions, car model, maintenance reminders, but also rewards good drivers with gifts points.

GPS BN: In your app you are only using GPS data and no other sensor, how does it work and why is that? What about power consumption?
CMJ: First of all, we tested a lot of travel acquisition technologies either smartphone embedded or with external boxed sensors. After more than 6 months we decided to implement our patented computing algorithm into smartphones for the main following reason : universality. Thanks to smartphones, every car can be compliant with eiver. There is neither technological nor intellectual property barriers to a mobile app and we definitely chose this simple way to acquire driving data.

Second, we decided to use only one embedded sensor to acquire instant speed data : GPS. eiver can record instant speed quite precisely as our algorithm gets one GPS position every second (1 hertz frequency). Accelerometer sensors has been tested to provide a more accurate acceleration/braking report but it can not be used if the smartphone’s position isn’t fixed into the car.

Furthermore, you must calibrate your phone’s accelerometer sensor before starting your journey. This ergonomical constraint is not appropriate to a normal driving situation. The system needs to remain simple and easy to use. A 1 hertz position data acquisition pace is enough to detect sharp acceleration and braking (more than 40 kph difference between two seconds) and is very useful to detect abnormal course, incidents or accidents. Moreover, our algorithm records the total number of accelerations and brakings during trip and converts it to a “Good Driving Score“ expressed in “eiverMiles“.

After each travel the driver receives a variable number of eiverMiles, rewarding his good driving behavior. If the number of eiverMiles is below the number of km driven, the score is not good. On the contrary, with a fair and appropriate driving behavior, anticipating accelerations and decelerations, smooth driving, speed regularity, no overspeed, you can cumulate up to 2 times more eivermiles than the number of km driven. That is a motivation to do better every day.

Third, using only GPS sensor at a 1 hertz pace help to reduce drastically phone’s battery consumption, as no other sensor is necessary during trip. You can deactivate GPRS/Bluetooth/WiFi sensors as eiver stores all trip data locally. At the end of trip, you can synchronize whenever you want.

GPS BN: What is the business model of the company, how do you monetize your free service?
CMJ: eiver is a Freemium app designed for every car driver, for domestic market and enterprise market, because each motorist drives personally AND professionally, in the same way and with the same habits.

Additionally we developed a coherent and Dynamic Fleet Management service for enterprises, based on eiver data acquisition : eiverPro. Thanks to eiverPro, Fleet Managers can monitor day to day’s fleet activity, costs, CO2 emission, insurance topics, etc. This monitoring (powered by IBM Software, one of our business partners), provides Business Intelligence dynamic dashboards, displaying driving data, whom accuracy can be improved by an additional OBD plug provided by our partners. eiverPro is priced as a SaaS model, declined in 4 offers, from €6.90 to €15.90 per month per car.


Monday, December 22nd 2014

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