Interview with Decawave: Indoor Positioning to Within 10 cm

Indoor location is not limited to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. There are a number of other RF technologies, and among these one is called “impulse radio ultra wide band.“ To make it simple it is a technology that sends radio signal in short bursts at short distance (think 50 m outside and 20 m inside) with two key advantages: the capability to precisely calculate time of flight (which enables a precision down to 10cm) and a limited power consumption.

Based in Ireland, DecaWave is the first company to have made this technology into an industrial scale, developing the world's first single chip UWB transceiver (DW1000), enabling RTLS vendors to develop geo-location solutions with precise indoor and outdoor positioning to within 10 cm.

Mickael Viot, marketing & business development manager gave us an introduction to the technology and explained us the numerous verticals where the technology is - or will be - used.

Listen to the podcast below:
decawave_mickael_viot_final.mp3 Decawave-Mickael-Viot-FINAL.mp3  (15.9 MB)

Tuesday, November 17th 2015

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