Intermap to provide AccuTerra maps to Lowrance

Intermap to provide AccuTerra maps to Lowrance
This week Intermap Technologies has entered into a partnership agreement with Lowrance, a supplier of outdoor handheld GPS and wholly-owned brand of Navico Holding, to offer its AccuTerra recreational outdoor map product.

AccuTerra GPS maps will provide users with detailed roads, trails, terrain, topographic contours, points of interest, and land management maps.

“As part of this agreement, European Lowrance users will benefit from Intermap’s superior NEXTMap Europe terrain data,” said Michael Bullock, Intermap’s vice president of consumer electronics. But to make it happen Lowrance will have first to make its products available on the Old continent, which does not seem to be the case thus far. AccuTerra GPS maps are expected to be available for Lowrance customers on compatible products in 2009.

The latest Lowrance handheld GPS was launched in 2006. We can therefore expect some new products in 2009.

After Magellan and Bushnell, Lowrance is the third recreational handheld GPS manufacturer signed up by Intermap. However, those are small players compared to Garmin which has an hegemonic market share in this category. In the current situation real revenue for AccuTerra will materialize only if Garmin becomes a customer.

Consumer brand?
Intermap has recently decided to launch AccuTerra as a consumer brand, announcing last month it has chosen a brand consultancy firm, Sterling Rice Group, to “create the company's first-ever consumer brand and go-to-market strategy”. But this strategy does not make a lot of sense for a map data provider. On this market the handheld GPS manufacturer essentially owns the customer relationship in the same way it is on the PND market. Neither NAVTEQ nor Tele Atlas have succeeded in building a consumer brand, this should have been noticed by Intermap.

Wednesday, December 17th 2008

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