Intermap releases outdoor map for Western Europe

Intermap releases outdoor map for Western Europe
Intermap Technologies this week announced the expansion of their AccuTerra GPS maps product line into Western Europe. AccuTerra is derived from elevation data collected as part of the Company’s NEXTMap Europe digital mapping program which delivers a uniform 3D digital elevation model with a 1-meter vertical accuracy for 2.4 million km2 of terrain across Western Europe.

“AccuTerra Europe GPS maps will be pre-loaded on several GPS devices as well as made available for download or purchase via SD card for a manufacturer’s line of soon to be announced select devices”, said Intermap. Products are expected to be on the shelf in the spring of 2009.

This unidentified manufacturer is likely to be either Magellan or Bushnell which are already using AccuTerra’s North American maps. This new line of product will probably be announced at the CES trade show in Las Vegas next month.

Friday, December 12th 2008

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