IntelliOne Acquires Teen Arrive Alive

IntelliOne Acquires Teen Arrive Alive
IntelliOne Technologies, a US company specialized in roadway speeds measurement and phone locations by analyzing mobile phone network signals, announced it has acquired Teen Arrive Alive LLC, a Florida- based company dedicated to teen tracking and monitoring.

Through the acquisition, IntelliOne will merge Teen Arrive Alive's location and tracking offerings with its own Student Safety and Monitoring solutions, and will offer a broad array of solutions targeted at parents keeping their children safe by tracking their whereabouts through their children's mobile phone. These offerings are intended to be sold by mobile operators on all network types and for any mobile phone.

So far Teen Arrive Alive (TAA) service is available exclusively on the Nextel wireless network in the US for US$14.99 per month. Users can call a hotline to get address, direction and speed of their child’s or they can alternatively log to TAA website to get the same information plus a map detailing their child’s whereabouts.

"We felt the time was right to join forces with a company like IntelliOne who could extend our offering to a broader array of network operators around the world, support both GSM and CDMA networks and monitor any powered or active mobile phone without any special applications or GPS chips," said Dori Rath, Managing Director of Teen Arrive Alive.

IntelliOne proprietary, patent-pending Geo Asset Grid Correlation™ positioning algorithm is – according to the company - “capable of converting ordinary network signaling information into mobile phone locations accurate to 30 meters in urban areas and 100 meters rural”. IntelliOne’s first application of this technology is in the field of traffic information. When used for measuring road traffic, network information is filtered by the network operator to protect consumer privacy, and then passed to IntelliOne’s Mobile Positioning System (MPS). Next, a Roadway Traffic Measurement System (RTMS) converts the high-volume, anonymous MPS data into average speeds and travel times for most road segment covered with mobile phone service – freeways, highways and surface streets in dense urban, urban, suburban and rural environments.

Tuesday, July 3rd 2007

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